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Our Chair Pressure Pads


Our Chair Pressure Pads are used in combination with the Deluxe Occupancy Control (sold separately) to alert caregivers when residents get up out of their chair or wheelchair. The Chair Pressure Pads are 11" x 13" naugahyde cushions made of soft foam rubber for patient comfort. The pads are placed in the chair where the resident is sitting, and the internal pressure sensor activates an alarm when they try to get up. Chair Pressure Pads have a long in-service life (180 days), and add comfort for patients without sacrificing quality that you need from a medical monitor.

For many residents, getting up from a chair can cause serious injury since they may be unable to stand without help.

When used with the
Deluxe Occupancy Control 

(sold separately)
our Chair Pressure Pads can
help prevent patient injury.

Plus Shipping and Handling of $8.00


To order please call this Toll-Free number: 888.444.8284
If in the Denver Metro Area call: 303.444.2273