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"Pull for Help" Emergency Caller


The Pull-for-Help Emergency Caller is an Automated Call-for-Help System
that sends a recorded message for help even if you can't reach the phone!

Fast! Easy! No Monitoring Fees!

The Pull-for-Help Emergency Caller is activated by a cordless "Pull for Help" transmitter or one-touch emergency button. It sends a personalized, pre-recorded emergency voice message (up to 20 seconds in length) three times to four different phone numbers.

The Emergency Caller automatically skips to the next number when a busy signal is detected or when the phone is not answered. The Emergency Caller keeps calling back until the message is delivered or until the unit is deactivated.

  • No installation required.
  • Pre-recorded messages to four different numbers automatically.
  • Full featured phone.
  • High-sensitivity 2-way speakerphone automatically activates after message.

When activated, the Emergency Caller automatically sends a message to any programmed number, including fire department, police, ambulance, family, neighbors, and even cell phones and pagers.

The Emergency Caller automatically starts a "Listen In" period immediately after the pre-recorded emergency message is sent. The high sensitivity microphone will allow the listener to have a speakerphone conversation with the person who needs help.

The Emergency Caller is portable and can be taken on vacations or extended trips away from home. The cordless transmitter can be worn around the neck or placed in a pocket. It can be easily activated, even by people who have difficulty grasping small objects. It is water-resistant for 24-hour wear, and is designed with an easy-to-grasp activation switch that reduces false alarms.

The Emergency Caller uses dependable, long-lasting, lithium batteries that will not corrode or need frequent replacement.

Plus Shipping and Handling of $14.00.


To order please call this Toll-Free number: 888.444.8284
If in the Denver Metro Area call: 303.444.2273